Steff is originally from the coast of Maine and never thought she would be raising her kids in a major city. She has a BA in psychology from Middlebury College where she met her husband Rob roughly 600 years ago. After Middlebury College, she decided that she wanted to take her passion for gossip and turn it into a legitimate career, so she earned her MS in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University. The Chisholms moved to San Francisco and had their children, Sawyer and Cody, in a new city where they had no family and no friends with kids of their own. Steff realized there was a need for reliable parenting information that was easy to listen to while breastfeeding/cooking/pretending to be engaged in building baby blocks or driving precious munchkins to their ceramics/lacrosse/martial arts/ballet classes. So Steff combined her journalism skills with her interest in psychology, threw in a dash of funny and some reality TV talk, and out came The MomVent! Steff volunteers at her kids' schools, loves wine, dancing, quality time with her family (wine helps) and karaoke (See: wine) and spends a significant portion of her free time researching the finances and backgrounds of all of her favorite reality stars. Her favorite thing about The MomVent is making fellow parents smile while offering up a new point of view.

Cathy Tran grew up in the Bay Area with two much younger siblings that she practically raised herself so she figured she was an expert on kids when she had her first baby. Boy, was she wrong. Motherhood kicked her butt but she was lucky to have a great support system of mom friends who were willing to talk honestly about the ups and downs of having kids. They helped her so much she even ended up having a second kid! After stepping away from her career in marketing she is now a stay at home mom to two boys, Charlie and James, and wife to an amazing and supportive husband, Peter. When not chasing after her kids, she also serves on the board of a local non-profit, Golden Gate Mothers Group, and volunteers at her son's school. In her (limited) spare time she enjoys dinners out with friends, nights in watching Bravo, rooting for her beloved California Golden Bears and finding the best breakfast burrito in San Francisco. Her favorite thing about The MomVent is hearing other moms talk honestly about motherhood and laughing with them through all the ups and downs.